How to Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Driving records comprise all driver details such as personal information, moving violations, driving license classification, accidents, fines, revocations, and suspensions. Your driving record does not show any criminal records that are not related to driving. Depending on the state, most of the driving violations are dropped after three to five years. If you move between states, your driving record still follows you, but differences may exist.

If your driving history is free from any violations and records, you have a clean driving record. Keeping a clean record can be achieved by avoiding common road use offenses such as license and insurance violations, reckless driving, minor moving violations, and mechanical issues such as broken brake lights.

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Importance of a Clean Driving Record

When looking for an insurance company to protect your vehicle, you will get the best rates if you have a clean driving record. All the insurance companies use the report for the history of your claims, and they can access all the data on your vehicle’s report. Companies have various ways of doing things, and some may do away with some violations while others pay attention to all your offenses.

Some employers also look at your driving record when hiring. If you have any traffic offenses and violations in your history, it is important, to tell the truth since the employer can find out from your record. Proper documentation and honesty can help you gain more points in the hiring process.

Insurance companies prefer drivers with a clean driving record since they are likely to minimize their risks when insuring their cars. If you have violated any traffic laws and caused accidents in the past, you are more likely to have the same issues, hence a greater liability for the insurance companies.

How to Get a Clean Record

Some practices can help you get and maintain a clean driving record. These are;

Checking your record

If you need to check your driving record, you can do it with the department of motor vehicles. You can request your copy in person, by mail, or through online means. Third-party companies can also check the records for you.

Whenever you suspect that there could be changes in your record, it is important to check. If you are looking for a driving-related job, it will help to check your record and rectify where need be.

Safe driving

Faulty accidents and overspeeding are the major sources of high-risk insurance rates. Intoxicated driving also affects your record of driving and leads to high premiums. Safe driving will help you avoid the payment of high insurance premiums.

You can also learn safe driving habits by enrolling in defensive driving classes. Some insurance companies give discounts for the classes, and others reduce your premium after confirmation that you have taken the course.

Paying fines promptly.

Drivers may get involved in minor offenses such as forgetting to pay for tickets, misplacing, or losing them. When this happens, the state may suspend their licenses until the fines are paid. Failure to pay the fines promptly may also lead to increased insurance rates.

Paying the fines as soon as possible helps clean up the record to restore it to a good one. Some penalties cannot be removed, and hence you may have to wait. You could have to wait for three years in some situations, but some may take longer depending on the offense.

Clean driving records are important in various ways. It is vital to keep your record clean to avoid problems with the authorities and the insurance companies. Learning to be cautious and alert when driving may take time, but it helps you enjoy a safe and accident-free life.

4 Best Tips for Choosing a Law Firm

Getting appropriate representation in a legal case is crucial, whether you are a defendant or the accused. Tully Rinckey offers such services. By now, you should have noticed a sudden upsurge in the number of law firms and lawyers in the country. However, not all of these companies can suit your needs. That is why it is essential to check some factors to ensure that the law firm you work with is the best. 

Tully Rinckey law

The Factors to Consider


Different law companies handle varying cases depending on the lawyers’ areas of expertise. You must be sure that the firm you decide to work with deals with the case you need to solve. You can check out Tully Rinckey law to understand how you can get help. However, considering the vast array and number of cases in the courtroom, you will most likely land at a law company that offers various services, including cases of theft, divorce, murder, and domestic violence. 

Service Fee

Law firms have attorneys who attend school to get an education in law. Therefore, the services they offer are not for free. However much you may be low financially, you need to get some means to pay for a lawyer’s services if you want to be represented in court. It is recommendable to conduct a price comparison before picking a particular law firm in your locality. 

Licenses and Permits

One of the grave mistakes you can make is to work with a law firm that is not registered, licensed, and permitted to operate by the local and national authorities. It will cost you money, time, and you could even get legally punished for doing so. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the validity of different firms before settling on one. There are some tips to follow when confirming a law firm’s licenses, permits, and certification. 


How reputable is the firm you may be considering working with? What are other people’s opinions about the law company? The internet is an ideal platform where you can access information about different law firms. Most of these companies have established an online presence through their websites and social media links. That is the best place to check for customer reviews to see how well the company has served its previous clients. 

If you are faced with any legal case, you need to ensure that you are well represented in court by a lawyer to increase the chances of getting a fair settlement. However, you also need to be vigilant by considering the above factors to ensure that the law firm you contract will satisfy your needs. 

3 Reasons Employeers Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance

When you own a company, you want to do everything you can to protect your business. One way to do this is to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Each state has different requirements, but the benefit is always the same no matter where you work. Here are three reasons why you should always have this vital policy. 

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Workers’ Compensation Keeps Your Company Legal

While the regulations vary for each state, there is a legal requirement to carry worker’s compensation insurance when you operate a business. Each state determines the policy’s limitations and how many employees you can hire before requiring this insurance. For example, Iowa workers compensation law requires businesses with one employee to carry coverage but excludes people working for a relative. In comparison, Alabama doesn’t require coverage unless you employ at least five people. Being familiar with your state requirements keeps you operating legally.

The Insurance Policy Protects Your Business

If an employee is injured, they may require immediate medical treatment, might miss work and can even experience long-term disability. Not having an insurance plan to care for that employee leaves your company at risk for a lawsuit. The employee can sue for damages to cover expenses and lost wages, which could financially destroy your business. By providing this insurance coverage to your employees, they can get the help they need without affecting your company’s finances.

Employees Receive Treatment for Injures

In addition to protecting your business, workers’ compensation insurance also keeps your employees from experience financial crisis in the event of an injury. These policies pay for medical expenses, rehabilitation, pharmaceuticals and pays them a percentage of their income if they miss work. By providing good medical care, your employee is likely to recover faster and be able to return to work sooner than if there was no insurance. 

Why You Should Still Make A Personal Injury Claim Against Friends or Family

You were so happy to be at your relative’s birthday party. The festival was memorable with singing, dancing, cake, fantastic food, and stories from those you love. No one expected things to be upset by what happened later in the evening. People were on their way out the door. You were also on your way out, and you turned to hug someone. A box of glass-filled beverages was in your way. No one thought about it because usually, this area of space is clear.

personal injury lawyers

You Unexpectedly Sustained Injuries

You took a tumble, and the way you feel, you hit your head, you twisted your ankle pretty badly, and you suffered a deep cut on your leg. An ambulance arrives to cart you off to the emergency room. Later, everyone checks on you to make sure you are well. A few weeks after, though, you’re having problems with your vision, difficulty with your range of motion from your legs, and more.

You know you’re not going to be able to keep paying unexpected and mounting medical bills. You also aren’t sure how many more bills there might be. You struggle with the idea of filing a personal injury claim to get these bills adequately paid. You aren’t sure of the status of the homeowner’s claim, how much your insurance will keep paying, and how much family division you’ll cause if you go through with a lawsuit.

These are all very typical questions and feelings. People who file the suit know that their friend or relative can’t afford their new medical bills, and, of course, they had no malice intended with their injuries. The truth is that many people who do decide to follow through with this find relief after doing so. They know a lawyer can deal with the insurance company because, let’s face it, the medical bills and time off of work need to be paid.

The Majority of Your Time Outside of Work is Spent with Friends and Loved Ones

Most accidents and personal injuries tend to happen when we are with friends or family members.

  • People might fall when running near the edges of the pool.
  • Ice hides under newly fallen snow on driveways and walkways, while large tenuous icicles sometimes form off the gutters waiting to fall on a loved one.
  • Generally, happy dogs may bite if the owner doesn’t know they are sick and exposed to an overstimulating environment (like a birthday party).
  • Workers you might have hired to do odd jobs around the house may become injured while navigating your property.

Sometimes, when someone suffers an injury, the hospital won’t accept the person’s own insurance, insisting there needs to be a claim number against the homeowner’s home insurance before treatment can be provided. These are just some examples of when you’d want to consider consulting with personal injury lawyers.

Why a Personal Injury Attorney Helps; It’s Not About Revenge

Deciding to pursue this type of legal action has nothing to do with revenge. In many cases, it doesn’t even change the relationship between you or your friend and relative. Your friend or relative wants you to recover well, and you know from the bottom of your heart that they had nothing to do with causing you harm. It was an accident. It’s just become a costly accident.

An excellent personal injury attorney knows exactly how to make the insurance company give your claim the proper attention it’s due. Each personal injury case has a set aside amount already determined by the insurance company that they will pay. However, many will attempt to whittle you down to bare-bones nothing or claim that the lower offers they try to get you to accept are “the best they can do.” Experienced personal injury lawyers and insurance companies know this. The lawyer keeps the insurance company in check, increases your chances of having a fair payout settled for you, and can help smooth painful and confusing feelings your friend or relative may be feeling.


Don’t despair if you’re thinking about making a personal injury claim against a friend or family. Sometimes it’s your only option. It’s not a personal thing against your friend or relative, and an excellent personal injury attorney knows how to be sensitive about these matters. It does not hurt to consult with a personal injury attorney for more information.

Reasons To Seek Legal Counsel

Although not all legal matters, such as fighting a speeding ticket or small claims court case, require the help of a licensed attorney, there are many that you should seek legal counsel for. For example, if you are purchasing real estate, accused of a DUI violation or opening a business, a lawyer should be sought. These are reasons you should hire an attorney for complicated legal battles.

They Have Extensive and Specialized Legal Knowledge

The law is complicated and consistently changing. In addition, you probably don’t have access to the extensive research a legal office has. However, even lawyers tend to specialize in one or a few areas of law. Therefore, as you search for lawyers Ashburn VA, search for the type of lawyer that specializes in your case.

They Know Proper Procedure

Your attorney not only specializes in the type of law you need, but also knows when and how each document needs to be filed with the court. Each case has deadlines and special protocols that need to be followed. Any delay or late filing can cost you your case. Therefore, it is vital that your attorney understands and follows proper procedure.

They Understand Evidence

Because they are experts in the law, attorneys understand proper evidence procedures. They know whether the evidence was found legally or illegally. They understand when evidence is valid or invalid. They can follow the possession of evidence to ensure every piece in the chain was properly documented. Finally, they can fight to suppress any evidence that violates any of these processes.

They Have Access

Not only do attorneys have access to all the evidence your opponent has, but they also have access to any witnesses that may have been found. This is vital because your attorneys can speak with these witnesses before the trial begins, and if their testimonies do not align, your legal counsel can prove this in court.

Your attorney can help you present the strongest case possible. Therefore, if you face a legal battle, don’t hesitate to contact a reputable lawyer.