3 Approaches to Breaking Free of Crippling Debt

Credit cards can be useful when you need them in a pinch, but when you rely on them too much, it’s easy to get swamped under mounting debt. If you find it suddenly difficult to keep on top of even your minimum payments, here are three strategies you can try to gain some relief.

1. Create a Payment Strategy

There are a few different payment strategies for paying off debt. For example, snowballing is when you pay off your smallest debt first, and then you add your payment from that one to your next highest debt until that’s paid off. You keep going until all of your debt is paid off. The avalanche approach is just the opposite; you pay off your highest debt first and work to your lowest. Remember to also ensure you are meeting minimum payments on your other debt as you focus on paying off one.

2. Consolidate Your Debts

If you have a lot of different credit cards or loans, consolidating helps to combine all of that into a single account. This helps you pay back your debt through one monthly payment instead of several. A personal loan and balance transfer are examples of debt consolidation. If all of your debt is through one financial institution, you may even be able to talk to them directly about a debt relief plan and lowering your monthly payments.

3. Get Professional Help

professional attorney

Talking to a bankruptcy attorney Hattiesburg MS people trust or meeting with a financial consultant may help you to organize and approach your debt from a fresh perspective. You don’t necessarily have to declare bankruptcy, but the good news is that even if you do go through bankruptcy that you can still build your credit score back up and the declaration falls off your record eventually.

Even financially responsible individuals can find themselves stumbling under a large amount of debt when times get hard. You can still find relief by creating a repayment strategy or talking to financial professionals. The sooner you take action, the sooner you may find your way out of debt.

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