3 DIY Projects To Skip if You Are Selling a Home

It is normal to want to spruce up your house if you are planning to list it soon. Adding a fresh coat of paint, pressure washing the siding, cleaning the carpets — these are all great projects to take on. However, some DIY projects can backfire and make your home less desirable. Before you break out the toolbox, consider whether you should start these three projects to leave them for the next owners.

1. Kitchen Remodel

There is a common misconception that you will recoup your investment in a kitchen remodel. The reality is that you will not; in fact, trying to cut corners by doing things yourself can actually make your home look less attractive to potential buyers. So, go ahead and replace cabinet hardware or replace the fact if you want, but leave things like cabinet refinishing and dishwasher installation Maryland to experienced professionals. 

2. Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing

Older bathtubs that are chipped, pitted or worn can be a major eyesore. Widely available bathtub refinishing kits make it look like a brand new one is just a coat of paint away. However, these kits can be very difficult to use and the results are often much less attractive than you expect. Unless the tub is in really bad shape — in which case you might want to replace it altogether — skip the refinishing and leave the bathroom remodeling for the next owner. 

3. Major Landscaping

You might have visions of a fully landscaped garden oasis, but if homebuyers don’t share that vision, your yard could end up being a negative feature. After all, large gardens or extensive shrubbery can add a lot of yard work to a  homeowner’s already full to-do list. Go ahead and spruce up the yard, but save adding anything elaborate or labor-intensive for your next home.

Resist the urge to remake your home with a new kitchen, refinished bathtub or complex landscaping before listing it. The new owners are probably going to change things to suit their own tastes anyway, so your efforts might be completely wasted.

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