3 Signs of a Stalker

Stalking is defined as repeated unwanted attention, harassment, or following by one person against another. Many people are stalked every day in the United States, mostly by somebody who they already know. Anyone can be stalked, and it is never the fault of the person who is being stalked. While all stalkers are different, being aware of some of the common signs of a stalker can help you identify that you are being stalked and allow you to take measures for your safety. Here are three early signs of a stalker. 

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1. Controlling Behavior

When someone displays controlling behavior, it is not always a sign that they will become a stalker. However, it is one of many red flags to consider. If someone constantly demands that you call or text them with updates while going about your normal day-to-day business, that should be taken as a warning sign even if the behavior has not yet escalated to the point where you would need assistance from a private investigator Rochester NY or other professional. 

2. Visiting Unannounced

While some surprise visits can be a benign or pleasant gesture from a significant other, close friend, or family member, repeated and unwanted unannounced visits should be taken as another warning sign. These repeated visits demonstrate that someone does not respect your privacy and personal life, and show that they think they have a right to be in your life whenever they wish. 

3. Knowing Your Details

Looking up somebody on social media before a first date is widely considered to be harmless and even smart. However, finding out things such as your address before you give it to a new date is a red flag when combined with other suspicious behaviors. 

Knowing the early signs of stalking can empower potential victims to take measures to increase their safety. 

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