3 Simple Swaps to Make Over Your Space

Are you ready for something new in your favorite room of the house? You can give any space a whole new look without investing a ton of time, money, or effort. Sometimes, the simplest changes can have the biggest impact. If you’re looking for fresh and easy ideas to transform your home, give one of these tips a try.

3 Simple Swaps to Make Over Your Space

Update Your Lighting

Swapping out some outdated fixtures for a new chandelier or Edison bulb lighting Kansas City can give any space an entirely new look. Lighting has a huge impact on the overall look of a room and changing to a new fixture may be much simpler than you think. It also helps draw the eyes up and creates a new focal point in the space.

Change Out Your Window Treatments

The color and style of your curtains or other window treatments can really transform your room. Go for crisp white to brighten up a space. Try multiple curtain rods for layers to add luxury, beauty, and depth. Upgrade to oversized shutters or blinds for a sleek and finished style. If you’ve been living with standard-sized curtains as opposed to custom ones, changing to a length that perfectly fits your windows can also make a huge difference.

Add Plants and Mirrors

Changing up your decor and adding some new pieces is a great idea, but few items transform a space quite like a beautiful plant. A pop of fresh green can add life to even the darkest of spaces and helps provide balance to your home. Be sure to research how much light and moisture is needed before you shop for a specific houseplant. Mirrors can also add brightness and help any room look larger and more spacious. Go for something oversized or group smaller mirrors together for the most impact.

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to be a huge task. Small changes can still offer some major wow factor so that you can continue to enjoy your space.

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