4 Common Questions About Workers Compensation Coverage

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Jobs are a lifeline. Payment for time on the clock not only puts bread on the table, but it also supports a roof over people’s heads. Unfortunately, events can happen that interfere with that foundation. When workplace accidents happen, those affected must face difficult times. Wounds have to heal. Bills still have to be met. Fortunately, during such a chaotic and emotional period, worker’s compensation may offer some comfort. To see if you qualify, here are four questions to ask yourself.

1. Do You Need Legal Representation?

Friends may ask if you’ve sought legal counsel. This may be necessary if you feel that your benefits are not being provided. Companies should work with you, keeping you updated about medical payments and available treatments. If that doesn’t happen or you have been shut out of the conversation completely, then contact an Iowa workers compensation attorney to assist you in the matter.

2. What Does the Plan Cover?

These laws were established to ensure that those harmed have the right and ability to receive medical care. Therefore, the office should take care of doctor’s visits and medicines. Furthermore, if you’re unable to perform regular activities, you may be eligible for partial wages.

3. How Do You Qualify?

First, your condition should have occurred on the worksite, performing expected duties. Next, a report must be filed as soon as possible, preferably the day of the accident. As you heal, communicate with the employer or human resources about your progress. If the ailment worsens, it’s important to state that as soon as possible. Finally, you should be of sound mind, not intoxicated and following proper protocols.

4. How Is the Insurance Funded?

When a corporation opens, they must meet certain guidelines. One of those is purchasing worker’s comp. This is an insurance plan, paid into by the company, not employees. If something goes amiss, owners file a claim, seeking assistance from the insurer.

Don’t shrink back, thinking you’re left on your own. Laws exist, offering aid.

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