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What You Need to Know About Property Tax Appraisals

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The central Texas area has grown exponentially causing land prices to skyrocket in recent years. With the increase in property value, homeowners are paying more in property taxes than ever before. If you plan to dispute your property taxes, there are a few things you should know.

Hire Professionals

For the best results in getting a proper appraisal for your property, you should use a real estate law firm Austin TX. While you can dispute the appraisal on your own, you have less of a chance of winning. You need to provide a variety of documentation to prove that your property is overvalued. The county wants to get as much money from the property taxes as possible to build transportation networks, help school districts and meet emergency needs of the county. A professional knows the system and can work with it to help you potentially save thousands. This can be a cumulative thing as well, since next year’s taxes are based partly on this year’s.

Tax Appraisal

The tax appraisal for the county is usually distributed in April or May depending on the county you live in. Usually the bill lists out the valuation of each entity taxing you including emergency services, school district, city, county and any other issues. It lists any exemptions you may have such as homestead or senior over 65. The exemptions show how much you save for each one. You can save for multiple exemptions such as having senior and homestead exemptions. The appraisal also gives you a certain number of days usually 30-60 to file an appeal.

Appeal Taxes

It may be in your best interests to appeal your taxes especially if the taxes have gone up a significant amount. As stated before, tax appraisals build upon each other. A high tax bill this year can mean a higher tax bill next year. The last thing you want is for your property taxes to keep you from being in your home. The state recently passed legislation minimizing the amount of increase you can experience each year.


Look for These 3 Signs of Negligent Elder Care

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If you have an older relative or friend, you may know they are more vulnerable to dangers than younger people. They require special attention and care to ensure they live healthy, fruitful lives. Therefore, nursing homes employ specialists who can accomplish these tasks. Some of them, however, fall short of these standards, so it is important to detect these signs of neglect before it is too late and you need to employ a personal injury lawyer boston ma.   

Lack of Hygiene 

Elderly patients are not always able to perform basic hygiene actions, such as bathing, brushing their teeth and clipping their nails. They require assistance from care experts in taking care of them. However, a nursing home with inadequate staff or care standards will neglect these duties. As a result, the elders’ hygiene may decrease and lead to a variety of diseases.    


The best nursing homes around utilize meal schedules and menus that consider each patient’s individual nutritional needs and concerns. They use the best food available and ensure their employees feed each patient without missing a session. This allows the patients to remain healthy. However, some nursing homes may not adequately address this responsibility, leading to the patients’ malnutrition or dehydration, as well as the physical and mental issues associated with those conditions. 

Surprising Injuries 

A major sign of nursing home neglect involves unexplained injuries or wounds. Elderly patients are more vulnerable to these injuries than younger people, so extra care is necessary to prevent them. These injuries can vary and are caused by a variety of reasons, such as fractured bones from a fall, bedsores from the patient’s limited mobility or a bruise from an unexpected bump. 

The elderly people in your life deserve the best care possible, so make sure they receive it at their respective nursing homes. Pay attention to these potential signs of poor care and act quick to guarantee the safety of your loved one. 


These Basic Tips Will Make Facing a Criminal Prosecution Far Less Stressful

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Getting arrested is hardly the way any rational person wants to spend the day. Not only can it be embarrassing and personally problematic, it can also lead to a lifetime of consequences. Beyond a possible jail term, a conviction can reduce an individual’s job opportunities and other prospects. Fortunately, any defendant can benefit from keeping a few things in mind early on in what can be a convoluted criminal justice system.

Rely on the Advice of the Experts

From the start, it is vital for anyone in this situation to look for professionals qualified to help them navigate the complex process. For starters, securing bail bonds West Chester PA can put a defendant in the best position to mount a defense or otherwise prepare for the situation. Beyond that, it is imperative to find lawyers capable of handling the case. Whether court-appointed counsel or a team of specialized attorneys, these are the people whose expertise will be on full display throughout the experience.

Get Started on the Best Path Forward

Each criminal case is different and every one requires a nuanced approach. In many ways, these decisions will be guided by a legal team and others involved. Nevertheless, a defendant should take an active role by being open and honest when discussing possibilities for the outcome or resolution of a prosecution.

Remain on Your Best Behavior

Whether guilty or not, anyone facing a criminal proceeding in court can benefit from showing a dedication to abide by the laws and any rules handed down from the judge in the case. While this obviously means staying out of any further legal trouble, individuals can be more conspicuous by taking part in outreach programs, volunteering or otherwise serving the local community.
Even though no one wants to be in such a situation, it can be relatively simple to put yourself in the best position possible through following the steps outlined above.

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Are Your Kids Safe on the School Bus?

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to keep your kids safe from harm. Most parents are aware of dangers around the house, but it’s difficult to know about all the dangers lurking outside. If your kids ride the bus to school, you may want to know about some hidden dangers kids may face on the school bus.

School bus drivers are considered drivers of commercial vehicles by the law. However, since school buses don’t cross state lines, federal safety regulations that apply to commercial vehicle drivers do not apply to school bus drivers. As a result, many less qualified or less experienced drivers who do not qualify as drivers for commercial transportation and trucking companies find it easy to get a job driving a school bus full of children.

Commercial vehicle drivers must have a certain type of driver’s license called a CDL license. Although some school bus drivers do get these licenses, other regulations like company screenings and background checks are rare. In many cases, background checks are not even required. Unfortunately, the lack of background checks, lack of qualifications, and relaxed safety regulations contributes to many school bus accidents and injuries seen by an accident attorney in Portland, Oregon. Children put on school buses with inexperienced drivers are at a much higher risk of harm.

School bus drivers are employed by school bus companies. Your child’s school does hire the school bus company, but they have nothing to do with hiring individual drivers. Since school bus companies are eager to get lucrative contracts with local school districts, many don’t do background checks that slow down the hiring process. As a result, many school bus companies hire inexperienced and unqualified drivers. Many school bus drivers even have criminal records for DUI offenses, physical and sexual assaults, and child pornography. Without a background check, arrests for criminal offenses and extensive vehicle accidents are never discovered.

There are 21 million children riding on school buses every day in the U.S. To protect your child from unnecessary school bus accidents and injuries often seen by an accident attorney in Portland, Oregon, investigate your child’s school district’s requirements for school bus drivers.

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Was Your Termination Illegal?

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Since most employment is “at will” this means that employees may be terminated for any reason, at any time. The exception is if the reason itself is illegal. If the reason was illegal, then you may have legal remedies that allow you to either keep your job or sue for wrongful termination.

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Since 2010, there have been over 1 million complaints regarding discrimination in the workplace. Unfortunately, in many of these cases, there was no solution found. Discrimination in the workplace tends to involve race, gender, sexuality, age, pregnancy and other determining factors. Say that your employer found out that you were pregnant and you were fired the next day for no reason. This might be a case of discrimination. Discrimination can be difficult to prove. If you think you’re in this situation, you may want to think about seeking out a wrongful termination attorney Orlando FL residents use.

Public Policy Violation

There are illegitimate grounds for firing employees. State and federal laws may specify certain actions that violate public policy. For instance, if an employee takes time off of work to serve on a jury, he or she cannot be fired for it. If an employee needs to take an hour off to vote, he or she cannot be fired. There are certain duties in society that employees are expected to fill.


Employers should never retaliate against an employee. Say that an employee serves as a whistleblower to reveal something harmful done by a boss or the company. If a company then fires that person for it, it’s illegal.

There are a lot of valid reasons that an employer can let an employee go. In most states, an employer doesn’t have to have a reason to fire someone. However, there are illegal ways to fire a person and if a person can prove that they were wrongfully terminated, then they may deserve compensation or their job reinstated.