Bail Bonds Services Provide an Invaluable Service

Whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, facing criminal charges is a frustrating and unnerving situation. This is especially true for first-time offenders, because they may be unfamiliar with the criminal justice system. One of the worst parts in this situation is having to sit in jail to await your trial. It can leave you feeling useless, when you should be working hard to build a good defense.

Fortunately, making use of a 24 hour bail bonds Denver CO can help you obtain your freedom from jail. A loved one will have to put up the fee, which is just a small percentage of the full bail amount, and some collateral may also have to be offered. This is something of value that is equivalent to the bail amount that the service will pay. Once this transaction has been initiated, the bail bonds service will pay your bail and obtain your release.

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Getting out on bail isn’t a free pass, however. You will still have to go to court to face your charges on your trial date. At that time, the bail bonds service will have their money returned to them and your transaction with them will be considered complete. You will owe nothing more to the bail bonds lender and you will be able to move forward with your trial.

Some defendants face a bigger problem by using their release to escape the criminal justice system. When you run, you’re not just becoming a fugitive of justice. You’re also putting your loved ones at risk. Depending on the situation and the collateral you provided, you may be subjecting them to eviction and possible prosecution. Additionally, the bail bonds service will be aggressive in pursuing you, because of the financial loss you caused them to suffer.

Bail bonds companies provide services that are as essential in the criminal justice system as defense attorneys. By securing the defendant’s bail, they help the individual spend precious time with their families, and they give the accused the freedom to plan a strong defense. By using this service for these reasons, you can meet your legal obligations on your own terms, and keep your family safe from legal and financial troubles.

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