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© 2006. Ferrari SpA. All legal rights reserved. Specifications and photos correct at time of printing, but are subject to improve without the need of prior notice.

This image is the house of Ferrari S.p.A. and is guarded by the suitable copyright law.
This image was specially commissioned by Ferrari S.p.A., and might be used only and completely by the media for editorial uses. At all moments, even so, Ferrari need to be indicated as the copyright holder as for each Law 633/forty one and successive amendments.
The use of this material for business uses is strictly prohibited. Functions fascinated in applying the material for these kinds of finishes need to get hold of Ferrari S.p.A. (By way of Abetone Inferiore 4, 41053 Maranello – MO, Italy) for prior authorization which might or might not be granted on a case to case foundation. Receipt of the material in issue indicates unreserved acceptance of the situations of use.

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