Qualities a Maritime Attorney Must Have

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If you may have suffered any maritime injury while doing your job, you most probably need to be careful about hiring a good maritime attorney to help you figure out your case. The process of looking for a good maritime attorney must be cautious since it will help you make the right choice and get the best representation.

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Many companies offer maritime attorney services, but if you are looking for a maritime lawyer who can help you solve your issue, check out maritime attorney. You must consider the experience of an attorney before hiring one. Here are some qualities that a good maritime lawyer needs to have to represent you effectively and successfully:

Essential Financial Resources

Your maritime incident claim can be quite expensive to present to a jury or judge effectively. Normally, your incident will include loss of future wages, fringe benefits, and also past wages. A financial professional is required to testify about your issue at trial. A liability professional may be necessary in your case to prove that the company made a mistake that caused your incident.

All the professionals you will need must be paid before representing you; therefore, your attorney is responsible for funding and hiring such professionals until your claim is settled. For each dollar spent on defending your case, your attorney needs to be ready to finance your case.

Ready to Fully Plan Your Case

Among the essential requirements that your maritime lawyer needs include fully planning your case. More often, successful attorneys can have adequate financial resources and the best experience of solving maritime cases. Nevertheless, most attorneys might accept many cases but will only pursue a few cases.

An attorney may accept your case, but after sampling it and seeing your case isn’t significant, they might limit the work they put in your case. A good attorney needs to be prepared to plan your claim for trial. As you hire an attorney, ensure you ask if he is willing and ready to prepare your case to obtain a better trial result.

Respected by Other Attorneys

One of the basic things you need to consider is if other attorneys should refer certain maritime claims to the attorney you want to choose. If you see a company referred to by other firms many times, that means you can trust any attorney from that company. A trusted attorney is familiar with maritime law very well, and if they take your case, they will solve it successfully.

It is important to consider the client information, though what other attorneys or firms say about an attorney is more necessary. You can ask an attorney whether he has been referred, although sometimes that attorney may refer you to another attorney who can solve your case.

Important Office Resources

A good team of maritime lawyers must have the necessary skills, financial resources, and office resources. Suppose you want your maritime claim to be proved successfully. In that case, there must be adequate resources since many hours of work will be utilized in getting significant documents and getting the testimony that will prove your claim in a trial.

The work may also include:

  • Getting all the necessary work and medical records.
  • Paying and arranging for treatment to correct your injury.
  • Hiring and working together with various professionals.
  • Taking statements from important witnesses.
  • Arranging all the documents for easy presentation to the court.

Your attorney needs an office staff that knows how to prepare a case effectively.

If the attorney qualifies for all these or most of these qualities and others, like courtroom experiences, you can hire them for your case. Ensure your attorney has enough experience and is willing to prepare your case.


Hit and Run Penalties: What You Need to Know

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If you’ve been involved in an accident, it’s sometimes useful to discuss the matter with the other parties involved, but it’s imperative to wait to meet with the authorities. While discussing what happened with the police may not be your happiest time, it’s necessary to stay within the boundaries of the law.

However, if you’ve been involved in an accident and then drove off without stopping, it is a major issue. You could have done so because you thought it was too minor an accident to stop, or because you believe that you were over the legal limit at the time. Nevertheless, the infraction is significant, so don’t discount it.

Implications of Leaving the Scene

If you’ve gotten into a fender bender and left the scene, that’s problematic. It’s even worse if the accident caused someone else involved to become injured. That’s then a more serious matter.

Leaving a scene of an accident in Michigan relates to the Michigan Vehicle Code and namely Section 257.617a. Someone who causes bodily injury and leaves an accident scene could be liable to penalties, criminal action including possibly a misdemeanor charge, a suspended driver’s license, as much as $1,000 in fines, and a 12-month prison term.

What About a Hit and Run Incident?

While leaving the scene of an accident by stopping briefly and driving off could be put down to not realizing the accident was more significant or that anyone was hurt, that’s far less likely in a genuine hit and run incident.

A hit and run can be accidental because of being impaired due to being under the influence, or as an intentional action against another person to do them harm. Therefore, even if you did it because you panicked and drove away, it could be seen in an extremely negative light.

The Michigan Vehicle Code covers the possibility of a hit and run incident or accident in Sections 257.617 and 257.618. The law separates vehicle or property damage from injuries to people. The former also carry potential fines, a suspended license, and up to 90 days in prison.

Worse still, severe personal injury to another person or death has the potential for five-figure fines if at fault, a felony prosecution, and potentially over a decade in prison.

What Should You Do If You’ve Been Involved in a Hit and Run?

You should hire an attorney who is familiar with Michigan hit and run penalties.

They can advise you what to do, which will likely include voluntarily handing yourself in to the authorities.

Beginning to take responsibility for what has happened – leaving the scene or for the hit and run – is the right next move. While that doesn’t mean that the accident itself was your fault, leaving the scene is likely to be thoroughly investigated at the very least. It is best to face up to the consequences of your actions even if they are acknowledged later as mistaken. Courts can be understanding of mistakes, especially when it’s a first-time offense. So, don’t lose hope. Get a legal team on your side to try to obtain the best possible outcome now. Being arrested on the streets as a wanted person following a hit-and-run incident will only worsen the situation. Act before that happens.


Privacy Laws and Exceptions: Important HHS Concepts that Directly Apply to Covered Entities and Associates

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The patient data of every US citizen is protected and secured under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). All HHS laws governing the creation and maintenance of the privacy and security protocols are automatically applicable on all relevant parties, irrespective of the state.

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In addition to privacy and security, the laws also ensure that relevant patient parties are duly notified in case of healthcare breaches. Now, let’s take a look at some of the most important concepts which all covered entities and their business associates should be familiar with.

Protected Health Information (PHI)

The Privacy Rule, as defined by the HHS, classifies all identifiable and relatable patient data as Protected Health Information (PHI). Therefore, any entity with direct or indirect access to individually relatable patient data must handle it via HIPAA compliant policies. Failure to do so can lead to civil or even criminal penalizations on the violating individual or institution. Examples of PHI include, but are not limited to information regarding a patient’s previous, concurrent or predicted:

  • Physical/mental condition
  • Medical provisions, diagnostics, meds, prescriptions, treatment procedures, etc.
  • Mode or sum of payment(s) made to avail the medical provisions

Unprotected Health Information (DHI)

All De-Identified Health Information is free from the HIPAA privacy rules, as they cannot be traced back to the source/patient. DHI is created by removing specific identifying elements which can in any way be traced back to the original patient party. The term patient party here includes not just the patient, but also their family members, relatives and employers. However, the de-identified info must also be verified and confirmed by a statistician with the necessary qualifications.

The Security Rule

The security rule is by far the simplest to decipher, as it is based more on common sense. However, it is also the hardest to implement, since it requires all covered entities and their business associates to:

  • Maintain secrecy, integrity, and accessibility of the PHI records transmitted by them, or placed under their care
  • Take reasonable protective measures against common and anticipated threats (data loss, manipulation, theft, etc.) to the medical data they are responsible for
  • Take adequate measures against uses and disclosures that violate PHI Security Standards
  • Take measures to train and monitor employees, so that violations are not committed wilfully or ignorantly

Required Disclosures

Only two parties hold the right to make PHI disclosure mandatory, and they are:

  1. The patient, or their official guardian/legal representative(s) can request PHI disclosure as their right.
  2. The HHS can ask for any specific PHI, if they are investigating a noncompliance complaint.

Incidental Uses and Disclosures

Incidental Use and Disclosure is a complicated concept to define, so we will break it down into a few crucial points. A covered entity or their business associate is allowed to use and/or disclose protected health information under the Incidental Uses and Disclosures law, if:

  • It is an unavoidable secondary effect following a required and permitted use or disclosure of PHI
  • The level of use and disclosure is kept to a minimum
  • Proper safeguards were taken to prevent incidental disclosures

Breach Notification Requirements

On failing to secure and protect patient data from healthcare breaches, the covered entity must provide due notifications regarding the same to:

  • Any affected patient parties and other associated individuals
  • The Secretary of HHS
  • The mass media, under specific circumstances concerning massive PHI breaches

In case the breach occurs at one of the business associate’s ends, they have the responsibility and legal obligation to inform the covered entity they were working with. The repercussions can be quite severe, but they can be mitigated with a breach management plan.


4 of the Most Common Juvenile Crimes in the US

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The rate at which juvenile crimes are being committed in the United States has dropped significantly in the last decade. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement, as a spike in juvenile delinquency has been noted in the last two years. If you are a parent, or even just a responsible teenager that wants to remain in the know, here’s a list of crimes that American youths are found to be guilty of.


By definition, vandalism is any act that is involved either directly or indirectly with damaging, disfiguring, changing or even littering at a public place, or a private property which does not belong to the offenders. Offensive graffiti is the most common act of vandalism, followed by deliberate assaults on public property.

Vandalism is often considered to be a gateway crime by criminal psychologists, because it enables the offender’s more severe criminal instincts. Vandalism acts as a way for the offender to get past the mental barriers we all have about breaking the law and committing crimes.

Assault & Battery

Both teenage boys and girls are guilty of being engaged in multiple cases of minor to severe fights. Assault is when someone is physically threatened, with serious intention of making true on that threat. Assault and battery is a more severe crime where the assaulting party causes physical harm to the threatened party by attacking them.

If you or someone else who is close to you is facing charges of assault and battery, know that it can potentially ruin the juvenile’s future prospects permanently. Immediately consult the experts at a lawyers’ office like to see what options there are to make the best out of the present situation. It is not unlikely for teens to be wrongly accused of assault and battery, even if they were simply defending themselves. Experienced, compassionate and intelligent legal representation is a must at this point.

Breaking and Entering

It should be duly noted that breaking and entering is not the same as vandalism, but the crime can be compounded in a court of law if the evidence suggests that all three were indeed committed by the defending party. Sometimes, teens break into homes on a dare, while at others, they might break into an abandoned or closed facility for urban exploration. However, cases of breaking and entering with the intention of stealing and vandalizing are quite common as well, unfortunately.


Larceny, or theft, is always high on the charts among youths who often do it simply for the sake of getting an adrenalin rush, or for being labelled as “cool” by peers. It can be anything from shoplifting at the mall, to stealing cars, but the magnitude of the crime will determine how the juvenile sentencing will be carried out in court.

Unfortunately, gang involvements are also quite common in youths, although the numbers have come down to a good degree in recent years. However, if an underaged individual gets involved in organized crime, it does not bode well for their future on either side of the law.


Common Law Marriage In Pa

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Copyrighting does not mean protecting a name. There lie only few situations in which copyright has been applicable to the name. In case of a need to have to protect your name you should file on an application which provides you a special trademark for your name. This system is distinct from attaining patent or copyright. Copyrighting a name incorporates numerous directions and requirements as follows.

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Needs to copyright the name: This method is known as “poor man’s copyright”.

Enterprise lawyers are specialists who have expertise and knowledge of problems that surrounds the starting and running of a small business. They are normally generalists who have a operating experience on a wide range of concerns, from copyright and trademark to tax and employment law. Some bigger law firms have attorneys specializes in particular areas. The best way to uncover a small business enterprise lawyer in Ventura County that performs with modest enterprises is to ask acquaintances and mates who have small companies.

When a piece of function is brought into a tangible kind, it automatically acquires copyright protection. It is still a fantastic concept to preserve each document with time, date and some official stamp. If ever this record has to be reproduced to challenge infringement, this data will be extremely useful in influencing the choice in the owner’s favour. Like any other type of function such as art, design and style, music, film, drama or analysis operate, developing a new site also needs fantastic organizing and preservation to stay clear of plagiarism.

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When developing a new site, it is desirable to attain and place a copyright notice on your web site so as to announce your ownership towards any function that is displayed here from time to time. Such projects generally take very some time especially if you style it your self, with out any specialist enable. It is preferable to hold a track of drafts and alterations with dates so no charges of infringement can come upon.

You can ask your close friends or relatives for references of any small business lawyer and civil litigation lawyer around your neighborhood. They really should have enough legal and enterprise expertise to handle your routine operate and to represent you efficiently in case of any legal challenge. The lawyer you pick out must be trustworthy and accessible by means of different indicates, such as through phone and email, so you have many ways to attain them in case of an emergency. A organization lawyer really should also have comprehensive expertise about the different contracts, licenses or permits expected to run your small business in your state whereas a civil attorney should be nicely versed about crime, personal injury, landlord/tenant disputes and motor automobile disputes.

Common Law Marriage In Pa – An attorney will ask you whether or not you want to go to trial or want to settle the dispute, meaning that ultimately you are still in manage of your case’s direction.