How to Declare Bankruptcy

If you’re young and independent, and you don’t have many assets such as a house or investments, bankruptcy can be a smart option for a fresh start if you have thousands of dollars in debt. The laws on bankruptcy are created to give people a second chance, so there should be no shame if you have to declare. Some people face either 10 to 15 years of repaying the debt or a clean slate in which to build savings and balance a budget. 

Consult an Expert 

Because bankruptcy is a legal proceeding, you will need a lawyer. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you may need bankruptcy attorney Howard County MD. When you consult a legal expert, you will get a clear answer on if this option is possible. If your debt is largely due to high credit card balances and you rent an apartment, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the way to go. 

Assess Finances 

Once you meet with an attorney, you’ll have to provide a detailed list of all your credit card debt; immediately, you should stop receiving calls from creditors and collection agencies looking for payment. You’ll need to provide a list of all your expenses, your assets and your income. Your jewelry and any valuable collections count as assets. You’ll need to provide a snapshot of everything you own and what you make.

Avoid Large Purchases

It may be tempting to buy a nice handbag or furniture before your bankruptcy is finalized, but that is not a wise decision at all. You should also not wear any family heirlooms to court, as even an expensive gift can be considered an asset. Creditors may challenge a bankruptcy and cry fraud if you purchase something that is several hundred dollars within a few months of the court date. 

Sometimes declaring bankruptcy is your best option for financial freedom.

What Is a Bail Bondsman?

What Is a Bail Bondsman

Bail is something a judge sets to allow you to get out of jail while waiting for your hearing. A judge does not have to set bail, but if he or she does, then you will likely have to pay a bond to secure bail.

Most of the time, the bond you must pay is quite high, and the average person cannot afford to pay it. To assist with this dilemma, there are bail bondsmen who will pay your bond for you so that you can get bail.

A Service Provider

A bail bondsman offers you a service for which you must pay. Findlaw explains, that you will usually have to pay a fee of about 10% of the bond to secure the bondsman. You will also have to put up collateral to secure the bond. This is similar to collateral for a loan since that is essentially what your bond is.

How It Works

Your family or friends will need to hire the bail bondsman for you since you will be in jail and unable to do so yourself. They will have to find a company offering bail bonds Pennsylvania, set up the agreement, pay the fee and offer up the collateral.

Once the do this, the bondsman will pay your bond, and you will get out of custody. When you are out on bond, you must follow all the criteria set by the judge in your bond agreement. If you fail to do so, you will go back to jail.

The End Result

If you go back to jail for violating your bond, the bondsman has the right to take the property put up as collateral. If you do not show up for court, then the bondsman will also hunt you down and take you to law enforcement him or herself.

Look for These 3 Signs of Negligent Elder Care

If you have an older relative or friend, you may know they are more vulnerable to dangers than younger people. They require special attention and care to ensure they live healthy, fruitful lives. Therefore, nursing homes employ specialists who can accomplish these tasks. Some of them, however, fall short of these standards, so it is important to detect these signs of neglect before it is too late and you need to employ a personal injury lawyer boston ma.   

Lack of Hygiene 

Elderly patients are not always able to perform basic hygiene actions, such as bathing, brushing their teeth and clipping their nails. They require assistance from care experts in taking care of them. However, a nursing home with inadequate staff or care standards will neglect these duties. As a result, the elders’ hygiene may decrease and lead to a variety of diseases.    


The best nursing homes around utilize meal schedules and menus that consider each patient’s individual nutritional needs and concerns. They use the best food available and ensure their employees feed each patient without missing a session. This allows the patients to remain healthy. However, some nursing homes may not adequately address this responsibility, leading to the patients’ malnutrition or dehydration, as well as the physical and mental issues associated with those conditions. 

Surprising Injuries 

A major sign of nursing home neglect involves unexplained injuries or wounds. Elderly patients are more vulnerable to these injuries than younger people, so extra care is necessary to prevent them. These injuries can vary and are caused by a variety of reasons, such as fractured bones from a fall, bedsores from the patient’s limited mobility or a bruise from an unexpected bump. 

The elderly people in your life deserve the best care possible, so make sure they receive it at their respective nursing homes. Pay attention to these potential signs of poor care and act quick to guarantee the safety of your loved one.