John Branca Attorney has an Audience With Brian Price at Harvard University

John Branca Attorney, who specializes in media and entertainment legalities, has a curriculum vitae reflecting 30-some household names, including his personal heroes like Elvin Presley, The Doors, and Michael Jackson. Practicing law since 1975, he’s seen several musical fads set and promptly forgotten, as well as being in the room for historical music sessions. From John Branca’s attorney career, here are some important lessons as well as contemporary challenges future music counselors should get acquainted with.

What Does a Music Lawyer do?

Academically, a music lawyer attends law school to learn to provide services to players in the global music industry. According to John Branca, his position traditionally requires sporting many hats:

  • Advising music label/artist contract agreements
  • Brokering intellectual property deals on behalf of artists
  • Recovering royalties
  • Representing clients posthumously
  • Settling copyright disputes

What Should Music Lawyers Expect?

Not all day-to-day situations call for studying case law. In an early board meeting with his first clients, The Beach Boys, and in front of the label’s Board of Directors, John Branca tried his best to resolve a management dispute among the band. The advocate began a democratic group vote even while the deciding voter laid summarily asleep on the conference room table. The clip below explains why after this meeting Attorney John Branca concluded “they don’t teach this in law school.”

How has Music Law Evolved?

Today’s music-oriented attorneys are not only knowledgeable in litigation and the appellate process but they must also know alternate trade practices including financing major deals, selling publishing catalogs, and counseling musical acquisitions. John Branca compares a remarkable amount of his work to that of an investment banker. He likewise suggests adding a few business classes to one’s law schedule so as to get a leg up on the competition. Contemporary legal eagles must deal with the revolution of digitization, creating new legal pathways for clients to create and distribute their published music while also receiving due compensation for their work.

What Legislation Regulates the Music Industry?

The statutory and common laws surrounding music entrainment have an ever-growing list of legal stakeholders. Formerly the Bills of Rights upheld the critical framework for judicial conflicts involving music. As time passes, more and more music doctrine has grown into a mixed bag of federal and state laws as well as arbitrator decisions made in the court of law:

  • The First Amendment
  • The Copyright Law of 1976
  • The Federal Trade Commission Act
  • The Clayton Act
  • State interpretations of newsworthiness and publicity

Many rules exist in the field of entertainment law and it will be the responsibility of tomorrow’s music attorneys to ensure future litigation can successfully navigate the conflicting framework of laws to the benefit of their clients.

How to Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Driving records comprise all driver details such as personal information, moving violations, driving license classification, accidents, fines, revocations, and suspensions. Your driving record does not show any criminal records that are not related to driving. Depending on the state, most of the driving violations are dropped after three to five years. If you move between states, your driving record still follows you, but differences may exist.

If your driving history is free from any violations and records, you have a clean driving record. Keeping a clean record can be achieved by avoiding common road use offenses such as license and insurance violations, reckless driving, minor moving violations, and mechanical issues such as broken brake lights.

clean driving record

Importance of a Clean Driving Record

When looking for an insurance company to protect your vehicle, you will get the best rates if you have a clean driving record. All the insurance companies use the report for the history of your claims, and they can access all the data on your vehicle’s report. Companies have various ways of doing things, and some may do away with some violations while others pay attention to all your offenses.

Some employers also look at your driving record when hiring. If you have any traffic offenses and violations in your history, it is important, to tell the truth since the employer can find out from your record. Proper documentation and honesty can help you gain more points in the hiring process.

Insurance companies prefer drivers with a clean driving record since they are likely to minimize their risks when insuring their cars. If you have violated any traffic laws and caused accidents in the past, you are more likely to have the same issues, hence a greater liability for the insurance companies.

How to Get a Clean Record

Some practices can help you get and maintain a clean driving record. These are;

Checking your record

If you need to check your driving record, you can do it with the department of motor vehicles. You can request your copy in person, by mail, or through online means. Third-party companies can also check the records for you.

Whenever you suspect that there could be changes in your record, it is important to check. If you are looking for a driving-related job, it will help to check your record and rectify where need be.

Safe driving

Faulty accidents and overspeeding are the major sources of high-risk insurance rates. Intoxicated driving also affects your record of driving and leads to high premiums. Safe driving will help you avoid the payment of high insurance premiums.

You can also learn safe driving habits by enrolling in defensive driving classes. Some insurance companies give discounts for the classes, and others reduce your premium after confirmation that you have taken the course.

Paying fines promptly.

Drivers may get involved in minor offenses such as forgetting to pay for tickets, misplacing, or losing them. When this happens, the state may suspend their licenses until the fines are paid. Failure to pay the fines promptly may also lead to increased insurance rates.

Paying the fines as soon as possible helps clean up the record to restore it to a good one. Some penalties cannot be removed, and hence you may have to wait. You could have to wait for three years in some situations, but some may take longer depending on the offense.

Clean driving records are important in various ways. It is vital to keep your record clean to avoid problems with the authorities and the insurance companies. Learning to be cautious and alert when driving may take time, but it helps you enjoy a safe and accident-free life.

4 Best Tips for Choosing a Law Firm

Getting appropriate representation in a legal case is crucial, whether you are a defendant or the accused. Tully Rinckey offers such services. By now, you should have noticed a sudden upsurge in the number of law firms and lawyers in the country. However, not all of these companies can suit your needs. That is why it is essential to check some factors to ensure that the law firm you work with is the best. 

Tully Rinckey law

The Factors to Consider


Different law companies handle varying cases depending on the lawyers’ areas of expertise. You must be sure that the firm you decide to work with deals with the case you need to solve. You can check out Tully Rinckey law to understand how you can get help. However, considering the vast array and number of cases in the courtroom, you will most likely land at a law company that offers various services, including cases of theft, divorce, murder, and domestic violence. 

Service Fee

Law firms have attorneys who attend school to get an education in law. Therefore, the services they offer are not for free. However much you may be low financially, you need to get some means to pay for a lawyer’s services if you want to be represented in court. It is recommendable to conduct a price comparison before picking a particular law firm in your locality. 

Licenses and Permits

One of the grave mistakes you can make is to work with a law firm that is not registered, licensed, and permitted to operate by the local and national authorities. It will cost you money, time, and you could even get legally punished for doing so. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the validity of different firms before settling on one. There are some tips to follow when confirming a law firm’s licenses, permits, and certification. 


How reputable is the firm you may be considering working with? What are other people’s opinions about the law company? The internet is an ideal platform where you can access information about different law firms. Most of these companies have established an online presence through their websites and social media links. That is the best place to check for customer reviews to see how well the company has served its previous clients. 

If you are faced with any legal case, you need to ensure that you are well represented in court by a lawyer to increase the chances of getting a fair settlement. However, you also need to be vigilant by considering the above factors to ensure that the law firm you contract will satisfy your needs. 

Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

It is a well-known fact that victims of car accidents face serious challenges due to injuries they sustained from an accident. It is always a nightmare for them to get back on their feet, especially when the accident ends fatally and ends up interfering with critical body parts. If, for instance, an accident leads to loss of limbs or causes severe brain damage, then your chances of living a normal life will be greatly affected.

According to research findings, car accidents top the list of major causes of personal injury. The sad bit is that most victims of car accidents are naive about their rights to get compensation for damages caused by an accident; hiring a car accident lawyer can make the whole difference in ensuring that you do not live a miserable life because of another person’s carelessness or negligence.

car accident lawyer

Benefits of hiring a car accident attorney

Convincing the court to award you compensation for damages caused by an accident can be daunting, especially when you lack representation. Anyone who has ever been involved in a car accident and needs compensation knows how easy the process of claiming can be when a car accident attorney is representing you. Here are major reasons for hiring a car accident lawyer;

Handle insurance companies on your behalf

Most insurance companies would do everything within their power to reduce the amount of money that they pay as claims. There are extreme cases where insurance companies use their adjusters to trick victims into giving suggestive statements that ruin their chances of receiving their rightful compensation. A car accident attorney is well conversant with insurance laws and policies, making it easy for them to secure the rightful compensation on your behalf.

Prove liability of your injuries

For you to receive compensation for injuries sustained, you must be able to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the accident was not your fault. In a typical car accident case, both parties will run away from shouldering liability and point an accusing finger at the other party. A car accident attorney is usually equipped with deciphering and determining who caused the accident. They will employ skills like; reconstruction of the accident scene, obtaining accident reports, and consulting medical experts to determine the extent of your injury.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit

If an insurance company is unwilling to give compensation that is commensurate with the extent of injury and damage incurred from a car accident, then your car accident attorney will not hesitate to take the company to court. It is the only way to force insurance adjusters to offer a fair settlement.

Explain the laws and regulations that apply to your case

One major benefit of hiring a car accident lawyer is that they will enlighten you on your rights as far as compensation is concerned. They will also inform you of the various legal options that exist in your favor. With such information, the process of receiving fair compensation from your insurance company is made much easier.

When should you contact a car accident attorney?

Even though it is always advisable to contact you about a car accident immediately if you are involved in a car accident, here are critical situations that might compel you to seek the services of a car accident attorney quickly;

  • Your insurance company is unwilling to pay.
  • When the insurance company has chosen to offer a lower settlement.
  • When your injuries are serious and have long-term effects.

The process of receiving compensation after a car accident is usually complex. Without appropriate legal representation, you can easily be denied compensation. Therefore, it would be best if you left nothing to chance when it comes to expediting payment of injuries and damages experienced after an accident. A car accident attorney will help you navigate these murky waters.

Why hiring a family lawyer may be essential

The observations roughly made on the legal trends in various judicial systems make a lot of sense. When it comes to attorneys, the most common kinds are mainly corporate and criminal lawyers. Divorce lawyers closely follow the leading demand for services in the modern world. Family lawyers are hardly popular: the family law specialists are extremely important nonetheless. Family law is a crucial aspect of the constitution. For this reason, you will services of a family law lawyer as a result of the things below:

family law lawyer

Self-preservation purposes

You need to be ready for various situations in life. It is hard to tell when a legal matter may affect your family in the future: legal issues may occur at any time. Your family requires representation in legal issues from time to time. It is possible to have a family member get into problems with the law, whether minor or major. You should be ready to deal with family legal matters by contacting a reliable lawyer to help you fight through the process.

Family consultation services

Aside from being represented on matters by the law, your family requires a constitution to govern the family. A lot is involved in the family constitution: it contains the visions and values of your family documented in paper through the help of an attorney. The document is more than just a framed document on your wall: find a lawyer and consult on the implications of a constitution for your family members.

The document is essential for large family units with assets passed over to the next generation of the clans. The constitution captures the role of every family member.

Help in a divorce process

Divorce is an obligation of a family lawyer. Two parties involved in a divorce hire varying lawyers to aid in the process of divorce. This mainly occurs when the couple has conflicting interests. A family lawyer can represent and oversee the procedure if you and your partner have mutual sentiments for a successful and simple process.

Child custody

Child custody falls under legal divorce matters. Some scenarios are settled separately. Many cases have the couple on different sides, with one of the parents attempting to contest a court ruling about the custody of a child or children. In such a scenario, the court can open a file for a case with a fresh court battle dealing with matters of child legal custody. The matter is delicate as it involves kids, and if not resolved, child custody issues may result in trauma for the kids. The state of your child may be unstable and unpredictable when a custody case goes wrong, affecting a child’s emotional health.


There are positive obligations a family lawyer can undertake. Some couples take up little time for a simple process. Other couples may even wait months or years to end up with a child to adopt. Handling an adoption matter can be challenging the first time you attempt the procedure. A family law lawyer makes work easier for you. Get the adoption procedure done by consulting legal advice from a family law expert.

One of the main advantages of hiring a reputed family law attorney is the minimal effort and time you spend when faced with legal issues. Having a family issue under an attorney saves you from frequently tracking and monitoring the case: the lawyer handles the matter quickly. Some legal processes associated with family law can be emotional and stressful. Lawyers offer you the emotional support you need; this makes sure you sail through the law proceedings smoothly. Law firms will focus on every approach to promote the interest of clients.