Different Aspects of Owning a Horse Stable

Have you ever wondered about what it takes to run a horse stable? These businesses are necessary for people who can’t keep their horses on their property. When horse owners live in urban areas, they usually have to arrange for a stable outside of the city to keep their horses healthy and happy. These stables serve many kinds of purposes for both horses and riders alike. The next time you pass by stables in your area, you can appreciate all the hard work that goes into maintaining these operations.

Employing Horse Specialists

A stable must employ specialists who know how to care for horses. A farrier is a specialist who changes horseshoes on horses’ feet. Shoes must be changed regularly, or the animal could get sick. A horse trainer also helps exercise the animals and teaches them different ways to step. A groomer brushes the animals and keeps their coats healthy. Usually, when these businesses employ people to work around horses, they might protect themselves with something like equine liability insurance.

Caring for the Animals

When horses must live in a stable for the majority of their lives, they will need to be provided clean water and fresh food. The stable owner would employ people to complete this task as horses need a lot of food each day. If the stable has many animals, it helps to have more than one person do the feeding rounds.

Keeping the Stalls Clean

Because horses are such large animals, they also make large amounts of waste. When the animal is in its own small stall for the duration of each day, it can get quite full of droppings. It’s important to have someone available to scoop the droppings a few times each day. Horses can get sick from standing in their waste for too long.

Being Prepared for Emergencies

Unfortunately, emergencies happen when people least expect them. When a stable is caring for multiple animals, it’s important to have an emergency plan in place. It’s a good idea to have an equine emergency veterinarian on call for medical incidents. Preparing for events of severe weather is also an important practice. The stable owner must be ready for anything that might arise.

Running a stable is a lot of work, and it can’t be done by just one person. Caring for horses is a full-time job, and it takes the right group of people to do it well.

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