Experienced Solicitor for a Serious Injury

Certainly I am not a person looking to litigate against another person or a company, but I decided to look online for good personal injury solicitors near me after suffering a mishap at a pub during a celebration for my son’s soccer team. We were all packed into the pub having a grand time when I excused myself to go to the bathroom. It was during my jaunt to relieve myself that an employee of the pub dropped several pints of ale on the floor. I did not see the puddle and sure enough I slipped and fell, suffering injury to my back.

Again, mistakes happen and normally I would’ve just went to my doctor and forgot about the injury. My back was seriously hurt, and it did take some time to heal, so I incurred a great number of bills. Several of these bills were refused payment by the NHS, so I had to pick up the tab. I went down to the pub and explained my situation to the owner and asked if he would like to help pay some of these costs as the accident did happen in his establishment and was witnessed by numerous patrons.

Imagine my surprise when he flatly refused to not only pay but to accept any responsibility whatsoever. That’s when I decided to look online for a personal injury solicitor. It wasn’t just for me but for the chance that someone else might get hurt in his pub and they wouldn’t get any relief whatsoever. I found an excellent firm online and explained my situation. They talked to the witnesses and even the employee and sent a series of letters to the owner demanding he make good on my injury bills or else he would need legal representation for the lawsuit we would file. That was enough to get my bills paid!

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