How a Bankruptcy Lawyer can Help You

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People filing for bankruptcy face many difficulties, but having an experienced bankruptcy lawyer will help you have a stress-free experience. The key to being successful in these matters is to have the right information at your fingertips. Doing things on your own can be very difficult, especially with the legalese involved with the law. A bankruptcy attorney will help you in the following scenarios:

1) Protection from unethical debt collectors

If an attorney doesn’t represent you during bankruptcy proceedings, anyone can contact you about any debts except those disallowed. These parties are called “debt collectors.” Debt collectors frequently break the law and might call your house at all hours of the day or night, threaten you with violence or use abusive language. For instance, these practices are illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in the bankruptcy law Orlando

2) Negotiating exclusive contracts

Some bankruptcy attorneys have special agreements with certain lenders to handle their bankruptcy cases exclusively. That means that if you hire this attorney, they’ll also be working for one of your creditors – but only them, nobody else. Exclusive contracts benefit both debtor and creditor because it’s in everyone’s best interest to work out a solution quickly so more people can get back on their feet faster. If there is no contract between you and the bankruptcy lawyer, the ethics board demands that the attorney stay objective and treat your creditors equally. If they feel one creditor is being more difficult than others, they may choose to represent that creditor and communicate with you and other creditors on their behalf.

3) Expedited filings

When you hire a bankruptcy attorney, they will handle your cases faster regardless of whether your case goes to trial or not. The bankruptcy court is extremely busy these days, and if you don’t have an attorney, your case might get lost among hundreds of other no-fault bankruptcies  (such as those filed because the debtor cannot afford to pay his debts). No matter how complex your situation is – filing for bankruptcy without an attorney takes much longer.

In the end, a bankruptcy attorney might save you a few dollars, but hiring an experienced attorney to handle your bankruptcy case will save you invaluable amounts of time and money in the future. To avoid losing everything during financially tough times, call a bankruptcy lawyer today.

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