How To Create a Fun and Comfortable Family Room

Perhaps your home is lacking a space where you can gather with your family to watch movies, play games, work on crafts or just spend time together. If so, then you should consider creating a fun and comfortable family room.

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Choose a Space

Your first step is to choose a space. You might finish part of a basement or use a spare bedroom or even convert your current living room. Make sure the space is big enough for your whole family to gather and enjoy activities.

Add Furniture

Your family room should focus on comfort rather than style. Bring in a couple cozy recliners Toronto or a comfortable sofa or sectional. Put fluffy rugs on the floor, and make sure to have plenty of pillows and blankets around. Add some bookshelves for storage, an entertainment center for the television and stereo and a table for projects and games.


Decorations can be simple in a family room. A couple colorful pieces of art, some family photographs and meaningful knickknacks should do the trick, for you will need space for your toys and games and electronics. The color scheme for your family room could be mostly neutral in furnishings, carpets and draperies to allow for pops of color that you can change over time and according to your tastes.

Prepare to Entertain

A family room is all about entertainment and fun, so make sure you provide plenty of those according to your family’s preferences. Include a fairly large television with streaming capabilities for watching TV shows, movies and sports, but also install a good stereo system so your family can enjoy music together. Fill the room with books and games and craft projects. Set up a jigsaw puzzle. Even add a small play area for the kids with a few favorite toys, but keep this to a minimum because the room is supposed to be designed for family fun.

With a little effort, your family room can be a place where your family loves to spend time together.

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