Look for These 3 Signs of Negligent Elder Care

If you have an older relative or friend, you may know they are more vulnerable to dangers than younger people. They require special attention and care to ensure they live healthy, fruitful lives. Therefore, nursing homes employ specialists who can accomplish these tasks. Some of them, however, fall short of these standards, so it is important to detect these signs of neglect before it is too late and you need to employ a personal injury lawyer boston ma.   

Lack of Hygiene 

Elderly patients are not always able to perform basic hygiene actions, such as bathing, brushing their teeth and clipping their nails. They require assistance from care experts in taking care of them. However, a nursing home with inadequate staff or care standards will neglect these duties. As a result, the elders’ hygiene may decrease and lead to a variety of diseases.    


The best nursing homes around utilize meal schedules and menus that consider each patient’s individual nutritional needs and concerns. They use the best food available and ensure their employees feed each patient without missing a session. This allows the patients to remain healthy. However, some nursing homes may not adequately address this responsibility, leading to the patients’ malnutrition or dehydration, as well as the physical and mental issues associated with those conditions. 

Surprising Injuries 

A major sign of nursing home neglect involves unexplained injuries or wounds. Elderly patients are more vulnerable to these injuries than younger people, so extra care is necessary to prevent them. These injuries can vary and are caused by a variety of reasons, such as fractured bones from a fall, bedsores from the patient’s limited mobility or a bruise from an unexpected bump. 

The elderly people in your life deserve the best care possible, so make sure they receive it at their respective nursing homes. Pay attention to these potential signs of poor care and act quick to guarantee the safety of your loved one. 

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