Preparing for an Auto Accident Lawsuit


Being involved in an auto accident is traumatic, harrowing, and often expensive in most instances. Whether you were at fault for an automobile accident you were involved in or if you were seriously injured due to another driver’s negligence, seeking legal counsel is essential when you want to move forward with an auto accident lawsuit. Working together with a professional and experienced auto accident lawyer is one way to improve the odds of your case being ruled in your favor regardless of surrounding circumstances.

Gather Records

Obtain any and all records available that pertain to the automobile accident you were involved in. Contact your local police department to request a police report and seek out video recordings available (if any) near the scene of the accident. Some businesses may provide you with video recordings upon request, although it is not required for them to do so by law. If you are uncomfortable with requesting further recordings from nearby locations, confer with your lawyer to discuss alternative solutions.

Visit the local hospital and obtain records that are relevant to your auto accident. If you have received physical therapy or if you have had to visit additional doctors and specialists following up after your accident, request copies of the available records.

Photographic Evidence

Take photos of any damage done to your vehicle along with the injuries you have sustained as quickly as possible once you are removed from immediate danger. Photographic evidence is extremely beneficial when you are planning to file an auto accident lawsuit. Gather photographic and video evidence to share with prospective attorneys when meeting for consultations.

Contact Insurance Companies

It is important to contact the insurance companies of all parties involved with the auto accident you were involved in. Request any records and paperwork included with the auto accident from each individual insurance company that is representing those involved in the accident themselves.

Schedule a Legal Consultation

Once you have gathered records and all of the evidence that surrounds your auto accident, schedule a consultation with a trusted and experienced attorney. Seek out legal representation from a firm that is well-versed in automobile accidents along with injury lawsuits. Consultations provide you with the ability to ask questions and to learn more about all of the routes available for you to take with your case individually. Share evidence and records you have gathered with attorneys you are interested in using as your legal counsel.

When you are prepared for a consultation and ready to move forward with your case, consider obtaining representation from Simon & O’Rourke Law Firm, P.C. for professional and experienced auto accident attorneys. With the right legal representation, go forward with your case feeling comfortable and confident in any decisions you make.

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