Reasons to Get a Supplemental Security Income Attorney

There are several reasons to get an attorney to help you with your Supplemental Security Income claim. An excellent social security attorney can provide comprehensive information about your doctors, hospitalizations, and medical documentation. They should also be able to work with you on any documentation needed for a hearing. They should also have the ability to gather evidence from your former employer to support your claim. Your attorney will know what evidence is necessary to keep your case, and they will devise a strategy to present it. You can learn more through a supplemental security income attorney Houston TX.


Many people would benefit from getting help filing for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. This government program provides income-based benefits to the disabled. Unfortunately, many people who would be eligible for SSI are initially denied. The Social Security Administration can be difficult to navigate, and getting help from a qualified attorney is the best way to ensure your success. 

An attorney can help you file for SSD benefits even if your claim is denied. SSA allows beneficiaries to file for reviews of administrative law judge decisions, submit new evidence, and file actions in the U.S. District Court in their area. Attorneys prepare legal briefs and arguments and represent their clients in these proceedings. It may take several months to approve your case, but an attorney can help you overcome this hurdle.


In many cases, the Social Security administration allows attorneys to charge higher fees for these cases. But the attorney must first obtain approval from Social Security before charging their fee. Then, the attorney can charge a higher price based on the amount of work done. However, the fees may be higher than the benefits to the client. Therefore, you should discuss the costs with the attorney before hiring them. This article will provide more information about the costs of hiring an attorney for your Supplemental Security Income case.

Social Security allows attorneys to charge 25% of back benefits. But the lawyer only makes a profit if the case is approved. Therefore, you may be liable to pay up to $6,000 for the services of a lawyer. You must note that you may limit your attorney’s fees to 25% of the back benefits. However, they will return the remaining balance to you if the attorney gets approved.

Financial resources that do not count toward your $2,000/$3,000 total

For people who receive Supplemental Security Income, specific resources do not count toward their $2,000/$3,000 total. For example, financial assets, such as real estate, life insurance policies with a combined face value of $1,500 or less, and savings in specialized low-income accounts are excluded. In some cases, a person may have more resources than that. For example, a person with $800 in bank accounts could qualify for SSI. However, they cannot be eligible if a person has $5,000 in stocks, mutual funds, or IRAs. Social Security may also count assets held by a sponsor or a family member toward the limit.

The SSA does not count unused funds in individual development accounts (IDAs), designed to help low-income individuals save for college, a new home, or a business. Many states’ TANF programs match money held in such accounts. The SSA also does not count funds used for burial or prepaid burial expenses, such as a grave plot for a spouse or child.

Pre-hearing communication with a Social Security disability lawyer

The Social Security Administration’s pre-hearing communications are crucial to your appeal. These are informal meetings in which the Social Security Administration will request evidence from treating physicians, such as written statements describing your disability, residual functional capacity assessment, and a copy of your medical records. Social Security will ask for these documents to determine whether you’re disabled and can still perform the necessary tasks.

The vast majority of the application process is conducted through the exchange of paperwork. A hearing, however, is one of the few occasions when the claimant and Social Security are in the same room. In addition, it may have a more significant impact on the outcome of your claim. As such, it’s crucial to communicate with a Social Security disability attorney before the hearing. This will allow the lawyer to present the facts and evidence that may help your case.

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