Seeking Child Support

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If you have children with someone else and you choose not to be in a relationship with that person, there are a few options that you have regarding child support so that you’re not paying for everything for your children. Consult with child support lawyers Pasco County offers to find out how to begin the process of seeking child support and the statements that you need to show how much money you make and how much the other parent makes.

Applications and petitions for child support can be filed by either parent, grandparents who have custody of the children, or other caretakers who have custody including aunts and uncles. Once all of the information about the children and the people involved in the case is gathered, attorneys for both sides and the judge will work together to determine an amount that is fair for the absent parent and one that will provide for the needs of the children.

Keep in mind that child support payments won’t start right away after a claim is filed or even after the final order is put in place. The absent parent will have to send in payments if there is no order in place for the payments to be deducted from the person’s paycheck. If there is an order for the payments to be taken from a paycheck, then you should receive child support on a regular schedule depending on when the absent parent is paid. Any kind of separation or divorce papers are beneficial to have when you meet with an attorney to talk about child custody. You should also have copies of your tax returns or pay stubs as well as information about the other person’s income and place of employment. Most courts have at least 30 days to locate the individual who is ordered to pay for child support before resolving the case.

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