Signs You Need a Workers Comp Attorney

If you are injured on the job, you may want to hire a Workers Compensation attorney. These attorneys will fight for you, cross-examine witnesses for the insurance company, and prepare your case for trial. Here are 10 signs you need a workers comp attorney. One: You’ve been unable to pay the bill for medical care. Your employer has opted to refuse medical treatment. You don’t want to settle for less than the full value of your claim.

Worker’s compensation lawyer fights for injured workers

If you have been injured at work, you may have the right to appeal your case to the Workers’ Compensation Board. Appeals must be written within thirty days of the decision. The three members of the Board review appeals and either agree with the original decision or change it. They can also reject the claim, return it for further hearings, or dismiss it completely. In addition, either party can appeal a decision to the full Board of Commissioners. If a claimant is successful at appeal, they will receive their regular payments.

A workers’ compensation lawyer will use the opinions of doctors to argue for your right to receive workers’ compensation. This is an important element of the process, as many employers want to get you back to work as soon as possible. You should not try to handle a workers’ compensation claim on your own. The process can be complex, and there are deadlines and stages that must be adhered to. You need the assistance of an experienced attorney to make sure you get the full benefits you deserve.

Worker’s comp lawyer prepares your argument

Your workers’ compensation attorney should be experienced in the type of case you have. While the lawyer may be able to win your case, they cannot guarantee you a certain result. If your worker’s compensation attorney makes big promises, you should probably look elsewhere. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer will be able to give you a realistic, but confident, assessment of your case. In addition, they will be able to present evidence that supports your claim.

If you are injured at work due to an unsafe working condition, your workers’ compensation lawyer can investigate whether the injury was caused by unsafe conditions. If he discovers that the conditions were not up to code, he may be able to sue your employer for additional damages. This can be useful both for your case and as a deterrent to other employers. If your employer fails to provide you with the right medical care, you can ask your lawyer to file a lawsuit against them for additional compensation.

Worker’s comp lawyer cross-examines the insurance company’s witnesses

A workers comp lawyer can cross-examine the insurance company’s witnesses and get them to contradict one another. A common example of this is when a private investigator brings video recordings of the injured worker. This private investigator filmed the client for several days in various locations. The video recordings contradicted the sworn testimony of the client and his family members. The insurance company’s attorney tries to find a loophole in this evidence by asking questions about Lance’s personal life.

During a workers’ compensation hearing, the attorney will list all witnesses and documents used by the insurance company. These witnesses could be co-workers who were directly involved in the accident or individuals who performed the insurance company’s investigation. In such cases, an expert witness is not usually called. In addition, a workers’ compensation attorney can ask the witness about their educational background. It is important to make sure that your attorney has consulted with all your doctors and has the records to support your testimony.

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