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The institute aims to serve as a centre for Indonesian law development studies. FLIP Centre staff can, even so, tell you how to come across a lawyer and get legal suggestions, clarify obtainable court applications and solutions, and refer you to community agencies that may be beneficial to you. Join us for a totally free divorce session, where we will present you with details about divorce and teach you how to fill out numerous divorce documents.

Be prepared for your job interviews by recognizing and understanding that there are specific queries that you do not have to answer. FLIP Centre employees cannot give legal guidance – they cannot tell you what application you should make, what the outcome of your application will be, or give their opinion on your legal concern. This Web page is linked to other sites that are not below the handle of and are not maintained by the Community Information Centre of Ottawa (CIC). Even immediately after 15 years in the nursing profession, and now law, I was caught rather off guard in a recent interview when I was asked a couple of extremely inappropriate inquiries.

The Family Law Info Program Centre (FLIP Centre), previously named the Loved ones Law Info Centres, or ‘FLICs,’ are details centres open to the public, where on-internet site court officers are accessible to answer common household law queries and present clientele with written materials on family law problems and court processes.

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