Time Is of the Essence in Your Injury Case

Things move quickly after an accident. They can get really complicated when insurance adjusters, law enforcement officials, or opposing lawyers get involved. You want to reach out to your own legal counsel before these things start happening. Doing so not only makes your life easier but also increases your chances of being awarded a settlement. 

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Contact a Lawyer ASAP

As soon as you’re able, contact an injury lawyer Raleigh NC imposes a statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits. At a rather generous 3 years, North Carolina’s statute is longer than most states’. It might sound like this is plenty of time to get things moving, but it is unwise to wait. The timeline of your recovery can be difficult to predict, and when life gets busy, it can be hard to find time to gather documents and talk to insurance adjusters. Your attorney will be able to help with this process, and allow you to focus on getting better. 

Be Patient

Once things get moving, it can be quite some time before things wrap up. It is easy for plaintiffs to get discouraged and frustrated. However, a long wait is a normal part of the settlement process. You want your attorney to do their best to get you the best results possible. Doing this successfully takes time. That said, the potential for a long wait is all the more reason to act quickly after you’ve been injured.

Act Now 

Whether you’ve been the victim of a motor crash, work accident, or another wrongful injury, it is critical that you act as soon as possible to increase your chances of compensation. It can be difficult to do this while battling physical and emotional challenges but reaching out to a personal injury attorney will go a long way in easing the burden.  

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