Two Pointers on What a Probate Attorney Does

When a loved one passes, you will want to extend last respects by ensuring their will is followed to the letter. But the probate process is not simple. There are many demanding tasks, from identifying beneficiaries to ensuring the distribution of the assets is in line with state laws. For this reason, it is prudent to seek legal advice.

This is where probate attorney Daytona Beach FL comes in handy. This article will explain the responsibilities of a probate lawyer and why you should hire one. 

They Assist With Wills Reviews

For any probate attorney, validation is essential. Your probate will review the document and ensure it was properly drafted. A will could be invalidated because of any of these reasons:

  • If the testator (person leaving the will) was not the one who signed it
  • If the testator was mentally incapacitated when drafting the will
  • If the testator was under pressure to succumb to another person’s will

They Help With Handling Estates

If a will is available and valid, handling estates is straightforward. But, if there is no will, a probate lawyer can play a pivotal role in asset distribution. The probate attorney will assist with the paperwork, resolving tax issues, collecting insurance proceeds, and making the final disbursements. Moreover, they help interpret the prevailing state laws, particularly the 2021 Statutes.


A law firm in your area can help if you want to execute a will. They’ll help you deal with the legal complexities that may come when dealing with wills and asset distribution. Contact a law firm today for reasonable charges.

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