What To Keep In Mind After an Arrest

Finding yourself in police custody is a scary experience. It is only natural to feel worried and confused. While you may be overwhelmed it is important not to panic. Remain calm, and understand that you have rights. Following these steps is crucial to avoid exacerbating the situation.

Remain Silent

If a police officer informs you that you’ve been placed under arrest, this is rule number one. Maintaining silence is your right as a citizen. While most officers will inform you of this, some may forget or choose not to do so. Do not argue, do not resist, and do not attempt to explain what occurred. Acknowledge and comply with any commands you are given but do not answer questions about the alleged crime. 

Contact an Attorney

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Depending on the alleged crime, one of two things will occur. You will be released under the condition that you appear for your arraignment, or you will be required to remain in custody until your bail is set. Once you know which circumstance applies to you, the first thing you should do is contact a criminal defense attorney Jacksonville FL guarantees this right to all residents and you can retain your own or have one appointed to you. If you find yourself subject to further questioning, remain silent until you’ve had time to correspond with your lawyer.

Prepare for Your Court Date 

Once you and your attorney have met, it’s time to prepare for your arraignment. This is where you will enter a plea, and a bail amount will be set if necessary. Your attorney will advise you on the date, time, and what to expect. Depending on the case, they may even be able to appear in your stead. If you are asked to appear in person, it is critical that you show up. Failure to do so may result in a warrant for your arrest.

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