Why You Should Still Make A Personal Injury Claim Against Friends or Family

You were so happy to be at your relative’s birthday party. The festival was memorable with singing, dancing, cake, fantastic food, and stories from those you love. No one expected things to be upset by what happened later in the evening. People were on their way out the door. You were also on your way out, and you turned to hug someone. A box of glass-filled beverages was in your way. No one thought about it because usually, this area of space is clear.

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You Unexpectedly Sustained Injuries

You took a tumble, and the way you feel, you hit your head, you twisted your ankle pretty badly, and you suffered a deep cut on your leg. An ambulance arrives to cart you off to the emergency room. Later, everyone checks on you to make sure you are well. A few weeks after, though, you’re having problems with your vision, difficulty with your range of motion from your legs, and more.

You know you’re not going to be able to keep paying unexpected and mounting medical bills. You also aren’t sure how many more bills there might be. You struggle with the idea of filing a personal injury claim to get these bills adequately paid. You aren’t sure of the status of the homeowner’s claim, how much your insurance will keep paying, and how much family division you’ll cause if you go through with a lawsuit.

These are all very typical questions and feelings. People who file the suit know that their friend or relative can’t afford their new medical bills, and, of course, they had no malice intended with their injuries. The truth is that many people who do decide to follow through with this find relief after doing so. They know a lawyer can deal with the insurance company because, let’s face it, the medical bills and time off of work need to be paid.

The Majority of Your Time Outside of Work is Spent with Friends and Loved Ones

Most accidents and personal injuries tend to happen when we are with friends or family members.

  • People might fall when running near the edges of the pool.
  • Ice hides under newly fallen snow on driveways and walkways, while large tenuous icicles sometimes form off the gutters waiting to fall on a loved one.
  • Generally, happy dogs may bite if the owner doesn’t know they are sick and exposed to an overstimulating environment (like a birthday party).
  • Workers you might have hired to do odd jobs around the house may become injured while navigating your property.

Sometimes, when someone suffers an injury, the hospital won’t accept the person’s own insurance, insisting there needs to be a claim number against the homeowner’s home insurance before treatment can be provided. These are just some examples of when you’d want to consider consulting with personal injury lawyers.

Why a Personal Injury Attorney Helps; It’s Not About Revenge

Deciding to pursue this type of legal action has nothing to do with revenge. In many cases, it doesn’t even change the relationship between you or your friend and relative. Your friend or relative wants you to recover well, and you know from the bottom of your heart that they had nothing to do with causing you harm. It was an accident. It’s just become a costly accident.

An excellent personal injury attorney knows exactly how to make the insurance company give your claim the proper attention it’s due. Each personal injury case has a set aside amount already determined by the insurance company that they will pay. However, many will attempt to whittle you down to bare-bones nothing or claim that the lower offers they try to get you to accept are “the best they can do.” Experienced personal injury lawyers and insurance companies know this. The lawyer keeps the insurance company in check, increases your chances of having a fair payout settled for you, and can help smooth painful and confusing feelings your friend or relative may be feeling.


Don’t despair if you’re thinking about making a personal injury claim against a friend or family. Sometimes it’s your only option. It’s not a personal thing against your friend or relative, and an excellent personal injury attorney knows how to be sensitive about these matters. It does not hurt to consult with a personal injury attorney for more information.

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